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Steve Madden are hit and miss with comfort...BUT if it's a miss you can get the Dr.Scholl's gel inserts for heels and problem solved.

Nordstrom Rack...what size do you wear? If it's anywhere from a 6.5-8.5 I wouldn't bet on it, those are too cute.

BUT you can get them for your birthday present to yourself. Wait until your birth month and maybe there will be sale. If there isn't try them on again and see how you feel.
Good points! I totally need those gel inserts anyway.

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I can justify almost anything, and my reasons usually include sex.

Well... If you're generally pretty frugal, and haven't splurged on anything lately, I'd say go for it. My only problem is that if you give a littlebird a pair of shoes, she needs a shiny new top to go with them...
I love your reasoning. I usually do okay without buying a top to match shoes, but we shall see.

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if you love them that much and have the money, I see no reason not to get them. make sure they don't have any pressure areas, though, because then you won't get the $80 worth of wear out of them!
Yupyup, I totally need to account for that.

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OK I know we dont have that same shoe but I work at Ross and we have TONS of steve madden shoes there. I know we have that style but in 2 different colors for like 25 tops. They also have them at TJ Max. Not sure if you have either of those stores but I thought I would share.
OMG, I will go stalk both of them now.

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I think they are wonderful! gotta them for my birthday in the raspberry and the blue color.. Perfection! get them.. Shoe are a need.

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I Steve Madden
Say it sister!