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Thread: Favorite neutral eyecolors

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    Favorite neutral eyecolors

    I'm doing secret santa with some friends and the girl I have wants some neutral/brownish eyeshadow that's shimmery. I don't use much makeup and when I do, it's pretty much only Bare Minerals but even then I don't wear browns. Any recommendations? I don't mind buying good quality either, I just don't even know where to start! We're spending $25 or less total so I could get her a couple of them or I could just choose one nice one and get something else also.

    Also, what are some other good brands for shimmery eye shadow?
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    I use these. They're amazing and pretty inexpensive. They also have several neutral/brown palates.
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    I use Urban Decay... they have TONS of shimmery browns and neutrals.
    It might be fun to do some of those... and then throw in an extremely outrageous color just for fun. Sounds like she played it safe on her wish list!

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