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Thread: My new outfit!!

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    My new outfit!!

    Now I'm usually an Old Navy girl all the way. A few things come from other stores but with me limited to the BX or shopping online these days, I've got to stick with what I know fits right. The one exception is handmade clothing. I love buying from clothing designers on and etsy for me and the boys. The custom measurements are a lifesaver. No guessing if it will fit right. I rarely get to do it because of the price though. But last month I splurged on a gorgeous silk dress and handknit shrug that were inspired by Alice Cullen in Twilight. It got here this weekend and it's perfection! I couldn't be happier!!

    I promise I'm not as chubby as I look in the pics. Evan kept screwing with the tripod and I was having pose fast and run.

    here is a link to the orginal listing. I highly recommend both WAHMs. Sweet, sweet women.
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