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Thread: Week 4 What (not) to Wear - HeatherBear

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    Week 4 What (not) to Wear - HeatherBear

    Week 4 Contestant is HeatherBear

    Post pics of outfits or individual pieces you would like critiquing or help with (remember be nice girls). The more pics you post, the better we can understand your style, but don't go overboard. They do not need to be pics of you wearing the clothes, however it helps so we can see you body shape. Please post a pic of you hair and face if you would like hair and makeup suggestions too. Pics must be posted by Wednesday so we have something to critique.

    Everyone else:
    Please remember to be nice when critiquing. Give suggestions on the items/outfits posted and how they can be intergrated together and/or mixed with staple pieces (jeans, black pants, pencil skirt, etc). You may post links to items, but remember to say which item from the contestants wardrobe it is too go with. When giving hair and makeup suggestions, post pics if you can.

    If you would like to be a contestant, place your name in this thread SOS What not to Wear? and names will be chosen from that thread at random of the people who would like a go.

    Have Fun!!!
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    Haha sorry. studying all last night. I'll get photos as soon as I get home at 4.
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