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Thread: Moving on to Navy Ball...need new accessory!

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    Moving on to Navy Ball...need new accessory!

    Ok, so I plan to wear the bridesmaid dress from my brother's wedding shown here:

    It came with a matching black wrap? shawl? thing that I could use but it is just black. I could have something added to it, but seems easier just to buy something else?! Or, I could use it and do a GREAT scene stealing necklace...though I haven't found one that just wows me.

    So, here are the jackets/shrugs/wraps I found that I like[]=tags&includes[]=title[]=tags&includes[]=title

    I'm a little picky huh? So whaddya think? Anyone seen a totally jaw dropping necklace lately that isn't a bazillion dollars?! Think costume jewelry b/c I don't want to spend alot

    Help me get dressed girls!

    Oh, shoes...either the same little black heels with the tiny sequins on the toe that I wore to Khaki Ball or the strappy silver shoes with crystals also in the Khaki Ball thread.

    Oh, and DH will be wearing: but his stripes and all will be red.
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