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Thread: Ok Lovlies, need hair advice!! 1st haircut in 2 years.

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    Ok Lovlies, need hair advice!! 1st haircut in 2 years.

    I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

    My mom and I are going to Toni and Guy tomorrow to get our hair cut/styled/whatever. Now I havent gotten a real professional haircut in like, over 2 years. It's around shoulder length, kind of ashy blonde, soft loose curls and waves when I scrunch it.

    This is it curled with a curling iron and my bangs pulled back for the wedding, so you can get a sense of length/general cut that I have now...

    OK. Now, I need something that will keep my length while cutting my dead ends...I'm not afraid to go DIFFERENT but I WONT go very short. I am growing it. I need something cute and sexy. Show mee!!
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    Do you normally wear it straight or curly?
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    If you're trying to grow it out I don't know what styles you can do without cutting a lot of your hair. I think maybe you should just get a trim and some layers

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    when you grow your hair out are you going to be putting any layers or anything into it? if so you might try a bob that's got lots of layers in the back. you'll cut off all the dead ends, get a new style, and not lose too much off the over all visual length. if you're going to grow it out to all one length it'll be a biotch, though.

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