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Thread: Peekaboo Highlights?

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    Peekaboo Highlights?

    I really want to get them. I have the darkest brown basically black hair, and I want to get blond peekaboo highlights and like a chestnut brown color highlights all over. Does anyone have peekaboo highlights?
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    I dont but have given them to my kids and had a friend with them.
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    i don't like highlights right on top, i think its so obvious... i think putting some in middle layers looks more natural. i'm just trying to figure out how wide the range of color you want to do is.

    so you're going to keep your base (black/dark brown) color, and then add blonde and warm brown highlights? how blond? if you have any pics, that would be rad.
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    So you want to dye your entire head with brown highlights and ALSO have a few peakaboo blond ones? Where do you want them?

    I gave myself bright red peakaboo highlights once. I put them under my bangs so you couldn't see them when they were over my forehead but when they were pulled back you could and also underneath my hair in various places. They were obvious when my hair was up or styled differently.

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