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Thread: Bath & Body works

  1. Navy Wife
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    Bath & Body works

    What is your favorite scent from there?

    I just started working there part time last week and I am so in with a bunch of their scents, I can't pick one.

    But I am curious of what you guys like

    Their newest fragrance that came out on the 2nd is called PS I love you.....
    I think it stinks.... But there are a few people that like it.

    Next month a new scent comes out...... and it is AMAZING!!!!

    It's called Twilight Woods.....
    I got a small sample of lotion..... and I swear I couldnt stop smelling my arm.

    So next month make sure to go smell it!!!!
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    I like their Candy Apple..only see it around Christmas time..but it's my fav!
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    I don't think I have a specific favorite. I really liked the Sandalwood one they had some time ago. I really like more earthy herbal scents than florals

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    my favorite lotions are the warm vanilla sugar, coconut lime verbena, and the midnight pomegranite
    we kicked deployment #2's butt!

  5. A Beautiful Mistake
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    Pink grapefruit
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    Pink Grapefruit is my favorite too.

    My favorite favorite is no longer in existence, it was Sparkling Snowflakes.
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    I love warm vanilla sugar
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    Why must you make me choose!?

    All time fav is Black Raspberry Vanilla, followed by Japenese Cherry Blossom, and then Honeysuckle. Then the new Citrus Lime one (can't remember what it's called) and cherry blossom.
  9. (:
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    I'm a sucker for Fresh Linen & P.S. I love you smells wonderful but if you lather it on you'll choke on your own scent lol. I'll always kick it old school with the Cucumber Melon though.
  10. I see the light at the end of the tunnel...
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    I loooove Moonlight Path.
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