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Thread: Hair Dye Help

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    Hair Dye Help

    Okay so I usually go get my hair highlighted professionally and this last time she put low lites & hilites in and my hair underneath is just dark. I want to start dying my hair myself so I can take care of my roots myself esp. with another baby I really want lower maintnence hair. So ANY tips you could give me about darkening my hair and covering all my highligts I'd really appreciate it.

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    My biggest piece of advice to to avoid box color (the ones you buy at Wal-Mart/Target/etc). They are very damaging and drying to your hair and some of them contain metallic dies which can cause breakage. Buying your color at a beauty supply store like Sally's is your best bet. You pick out the color that you want and then also buy the developer. If you're just depositing color, you'll need a 10 volume. What color are you wanting to go to? You look fairly blonde, so are you wanting to match your low lights?

    Usually at places like Sally's, there's a cosmetologist who works there. They're very helpful, as are the associates (they have to go through a lot of training as well). Good luck!
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