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Thread: Fashion for Aug 5th

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    Fashion for Aug 5th

    Peplum dresses, very in right now...

    Diane Kruger

    Ashlee Simpson

    Victoria Beckham

    Happy Critiquing!

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  2. Ready to let the dogs out?
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    I LOVE the first one. I really don't know about the other 2. Ashlee's skirt looks like she took a piece of sheetmetal and banged it with a hammer, lol.

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    im not a big fan the first one is ok. ashlee looks like hell just in general:S

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    The first one is ok, very flattering on her but I would never wear it.
  5. Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta
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    Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta
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    i like the first one! very "jetsons"
    the other 2, i could do without.
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    I them all!!
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    i actually like this look, although i could never pull it off.

    diane's dress looks great and i think she pulls it off well, however, i think they could have done something better with her hair.

    ashlee's outfit is my least fave out of the 3, but still looks decent. i think her eye makeup is WAY too much. she looks so unhappy.

    posh - i think she looks great although the ruffles at the hips flare out just a tad too much. i really like her hair and sunglasses, though
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    I like Diane and Victoria's!

    Ashlee's is horrific, she needs to stop trying so hard.
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    i have always loved this style!

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    The first one is decent, victoria's is less than decent but workable.

    Ashlee just looks like hell. She doesn't even LOOK like Ashlee. Why she got all that plastic surgery and is now doing her make up and clothing so poorly is beyond me. I used to think she was gorgeous.
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