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    If you are wearing a skirt or dress that is slightly sheer in the light do you always wear a slip or does it matter where you are wearing it?

    I'm packing for Santorini, can't find my slip at all, and I can't find any at stores here (ITs are in to the sheer thing) I'm trying to decide if I can just get away with nude boyshorts underneath. Slips are so sweaty too and it's SO hot right now.... Hmmm....

    So what would you do?

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    I haven't worn a slip since I was a little girl in the 90's...there are times I think one would look better, but I've never found one that isn't super uncomfortable and a pain in the ass
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    if i were hanging out with my friends, i wouldn't bother with a slip. however, i usually wear a small one in public if my skirt shows light through it. i think shorts would be ok, depending on how much you can see through it.

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