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Thread: crappy when they dont have your size

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    crappy when they dont have your size

    I went to T.J.Maxx yesterday and i found the most awesome invention for a woman..its a cotton spagetti strap shirt that looks like a normal cotton shirt on top and had the lace on the bottom but in the middle was a spandex band to hold in your stomach. My BFF just had a baby and i thought it would be awesome for her. a lady grabbed the last medium and the large wasnt on sale..and they only had smalls left. Pooh. Going to another T.J. Maxx today..its an advantage when you have 5 in the same area you live I love the outdoors but I LOOOVE this advantage of all the stores.
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    Oh yea that makes me sick when that happens. Lucky you have all those TJ Maxx nearby we only have one and I'm so going there this afternoon could I use a few of those shirts.
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    it drives me nuts when they don't have my size, it seems like it always happens to me. They are always out of the size I need, clothes or shoes! It's a conspiracy!!
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    You should have pushed that lady over and grabbed it from her

    Not really of course, but I know that annoys me too.

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