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Thread: Dresses for navy ball

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    Question Dresses for navy ball

    We are going this year and I have NO clue where to find a dress. I was wondering where do you ladies get your dresses from for events like this. We have only been to a Seabee ball and that was oh 7 years ago and I can not remember for the life of me where I got my dress from. I want something long and kinda be able to hide the tummy lol.

    Any suggestions on where to shop would be great!!
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    "You'll love David's Bridal...." >singsong<
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    I would go to a dress shop. A girlfriend of mine showed me picks from one she went to and 4 girls had the exact same dress as her (all from Davids Bridal)

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    A dress shop.
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    David's Bridal for sure.
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    I go to Macy's I got mine on sale each time.
    *side note* Im jealous I dont get to go this year... Dh will be deployed. I love going I love getting a new dress getting pictures done.
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    newport news .com
    nordstroms rack
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    I actually refuse to go to David's Bridal because EVERYONE goes to David's Bridal. Too often do I see 20 women wearing the same dress in different colours. At least 4 of them wearing the same colour.

    I personally try to go to little boutiques where I know the store is the only one in the area that sells that designer. Then when you tell them what the event is they won't sell the same dress to someone else who is attending the same event.
    Needs work.
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    I vote for Macy's, they usually have a good selection, and AWESOME sales. If you went soon you could probably find a ton of the prom-ish stuff on super sale. That and watch the ads in the newspaper, you can usually find coupons and days when they have extra sales.
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    I've gotten mine from the last couple of years.
    There are really nice dresses amongst the not so nice ones
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