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Thread: Hair texture?

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    Mad Hair texture?

    Does your hair texture change with age?

    I am noticing a lot of kinky hair So I keep pulling them out Each day I find more and more

    Im afraid I will be bald soon because I cant stop pulling them out

    Is this normal? I want those damn hairs to go away
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    my hair stylist told me your hair changes every 7ish years. which is true for me, because i used to have big poofy thick hair, now i have more relaxed thin hair. and i dont use any chemicals or anything to change it
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    I went from having wavy hair as a kid, to curly hair as a teenager/20 something and now that I'm in my thirties - it's going grey like crazy and the greys are wiry and straight.

    I can't do anything with it other than put it in a ponytail since it just looks like ass.
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    Yes! My hair has shifted from curly as a child, to wavy as a preteen to super curly and now the top is very curly and the very bottom layer is straight. I expect it to give up and fall out soon!
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    Hair stylist here... It's totally normal. I have random kinky hairs that drive me nuts.

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