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Thread: New purse

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    New purse

    I'm looking at getting a new purse. I don't like ones that are flashy but need something that is going to last.

    What do you recommend?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DakotaCowgirl View Post
    I'm looking at getting a new purse. I don't like ones that are flashy but need something that is going to last.

    What do you recommend?
    well depends on your budget...
    All of my purses are either coach or michael kors and not one of them are flashy....

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    i love purses. . . .so i switch all the time w/what im wearing.. . but if ur going to use it everyday i wouldnt recommend a light color (although summer is comming) ok, nevermind i cant help you
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    I buy lots of purses.
    It depends on what you are looking for. something small, big, medium. I'm such a purse snob I am soo picky on what i like. Currently I'm rocking this O'Neil Tote that I its nice and big and holds all kinds of stuff. I also have this Andy Warhol canvas bag that I like to carry. its got lots of space and is very very sturdy ( canvas is awesome)
    I suggest maybe going to Ross, they have tons of good purses and the prices are just right.

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    I love my Dooney and Bourke, I am hard on bags that I carry all the time, and they have lasted me for forever. They have really simple styles too, that will go with everything. They're a little pricier, but nothing over a couple of hundred dollars, and for me, I buy one every few years (maybe) and it's totally worth it.
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    TJ Maxx

    Like the others have said it will depend on what your willing to fork out.
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    Love the Coach spring / summer line
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    Def Ross.
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    I have a few Aldo bags because they are stury, big (I have a thing for big purses) and are usually less than $50.

    I have a few Coach bags too but those were gifts.
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    You could check to see if you have a coach outlet near you. I am really hard on my purses so I wanted one that would last and after seeing a couple of my friends 2 yr old Coach purses that looked new, I gave in. But I went to the outlet and its black and was under $100! Perfect size for me and everything.
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