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Thread: Suntan Lotion

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    Help Suntan Lotion

    Ok so it's that time of year when it is finally getting warmer here in NJ. DH is coming home in early June. I have my dress (which is black) and don't want to look like a ghost wearing it. I am a person who can tan. I have thought about the options and think that my best bet is to try and tan outside when I have some free time.

    I do, however, want to protect myself some, and want to wear sunscreen. I know it will take longer to get the color I want. Does anyone have any recommendations on a good sunscreen to use. I don't normally have sensitive skin, but I went on a cruise about 7 years ago and used the banana boat tanning spray and got a very itchy rash all over my body.

    Any suggestions?
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    i use the spray stuff in a white bottle the fades to a light blue. i cannot remember the name right now. But i have heard aveeno is good and will try that next.

    I am not trying to to get tan so i use a 50 or 75. ( still get tan it just takes longer) but i am sure at 15 or something would work.

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