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Thread: Going from blond to red

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    Question Going from blond to red

    I have naturally blond hair and I get highlights to lighten it just a little bit.
    I have been thinking about going red for a while. I won't do it until after I have the baby since the hormones can mess up hair color.

    I don't want to go dark red, but more like a strawberry blond red, if that makes sense.
    Is this possible and what would I need to do? Like get some red lowlights or color all of my hair?
    I'm scared my hair would end up either orange or green or something. I am not very adventurous with my hair, I have been blond forever so this will be a big step.

    Oh and lastly, if I want to go back to the blond at some point, is it hard to get rid of the red?

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    Red color fades quickly.

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    I suggest going to a salon and getting the red done. Red is difficult to get back to blonde Maybe not so much strawberry light blonde but reds are difficult.
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    red is hard as heck to go back to blonde (took me almost 3 years) also something to keep in mind going red can bring out the red in your skin so if you already have red in your skin (like I do) it can look kinda bad
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    I would go to the salon. I have seen people try to do red, and end up pink!

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