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Thread: How do you keep curly hair intact?

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    How do you keep curly hair intact?

    Okay so I am thinking about going natural with my hair just for a little while to see how I like it. But my hair is so thick and my curls get super frizzed out when they dry, do you know of any good products that will make my curls not look dry and keep them curly?
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    Frizz Ease by John Freida, I used his entire line for curly hair.
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    I use moroccan oil, then a leave in conditioner, then a mousse- redken full frame 07 (alot-- but not on the roots.) I also have to NOT BRUSH it and keep my hands away from it as much as possible once I get out of the shower and have the product in. That helps the curls stay together.
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    I used a lot of the stuff in the Panteen Pro V line for curly hair, I liked it but wasn't completely satisfied so I'm trying some stuff from the curly hair line from SunSilk, so far I'm loving it. I'm using the leave in cream and the gel/cream mix (not sure what its called but it looks really cool, lol, its in a tube and its swirled together).

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