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Thread: waxing (tmi?)

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    Smile waxing (tmi?)

    Down there..
    Does it hurt as bad as everyone says??
    I am thinking about getting it done before my wedding.
    Is it worth it?
    Annd how long does it take for the hair to grow back??
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    IMO, it hurts. alot. and I have a really high tolerance for pain. I mean, tattoos on both ribs, neck, wrist, hip bone, foot, piece of cake. Brazilian wax = OUCH. But I PROMISE its not unbearable. You just gotta prepare yourself for it. And its SOOOOOOOOOO worth it. Amazing. Everyone's hair grows at a different pace, so it all depends. Mine took a week and a half to START to grow anything back. Go for it!
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    I would'nt say it hurts but its def a feeling thats not me it didnt bother me I have a really HIGH pain my friends calls it the "eyebrow wax from hell" ....i always take motrin before i go it helps with swelling and any excess pain....I Hope this helps....

    P.S its sooo nice to not have to shave on your honeymoon etc...
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    totally worth it!

    take 2 alleve about 2-3 hrs before your appt!
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    it's not that bad, pop two advil and you'll be fine. there's a sticky about down there care
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    It hurts really badly but like the op said take some kind of pain medicine prior to it and you will be good to go!
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    yes it a toe curling experience but totally worth it. For me it only lasted like a week before it started to grow back. I have a friend that does it all the time and she says the more you do it the longer it takes to grow back so maybe do it a few times ahead so you know the experience too. Exfoliating the area (basically scrubbing pretty hard) before hand helps with the ingrown hair possibility according to the girl who does me. and definitly take to motrin or aleve or advil before hand. also the harder you pull your skin tight the less it hurts!
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    Do it..

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    i had it done once and i'd rather be burned alive slowly than ever go through that shit again. i left nail imprints in the chair and almost passed out haha it didn't last very long...

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    I'm going tomorrow! I can give you details tomorrow if you want!
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