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Thread: Candle earwax thingie

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    Candle earwax thingie

    Ok, so i clean my own ears once in a while with benzoil peroxide, water, and a syringe (to squirt warm water slowly and irrigate). But I've heard about cone candle thing to get earwax out.

    How does this work? Has anyone done it? Does it actually work?

    A few years back I had a problem where my ears would clog up regularly, i went to the doc and turns out I had a lot of impacted earwax, so he spent about an hour irrigating my ear to get it all out. So since then at least every 6 months I try to do this irrigation method he taught me on my own. But wondering if there is an easier less messy way ?
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    My mom used them on both my dad and I when I was a kid... they work pretty well.

    Cam's ped recommended Debrox (it's basically a peroxide solution with an applicator) to soften hers.. She's 4 1/2 and has had to have wax extracted a couple times because her right ear doesn't drain correctly.

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    I haven't done it, want too, interested to see your replies...
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    there are arguements for & against it. dh used to use them and he said they worked pretty well. you lie on your side and burn the candle while it's in your ear. be careful of your hair!! it's supposed to create a suction as it burns.
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    I know my spa does it but I would be a little worried. I would ask your Dr. about it.
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    I mainly just use my really high powered shower head to clean my ears out. i do that every time I shower it really really helps keep ear wax to a min.

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    I've used them. My eyes are watering right now thinking about it, but they always work for me.
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    my mother is a nurse, and shes had a lot of patients come in with ear damage and infections after using them. i suppose if they work well for you, that's cool, but i suggest seeing a doctor first and being very careful.
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    I've used ear candles several times and they work pretty well. They are hollow candles and it's odd how much stuff will come out of your eyes. Kinda gross
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    One of my friends burnt herself with the wax once while doing this. So after hearing that I pretty much decided against it
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