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Thread: JJ- USAA Related question

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    JJ- USAA Related question

    JJ- I was wondering if you could answer my question...I friend told me that USAA could refund any lost deposit from renting if you had renters insurance? My landlord is beyond anal and just looking at options because I know we're going to lose some of our deposit, no matter what.

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    interesting, but I don't think this is part of the coverage for renters insurance. you may be better off calling USAA directly.
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    Sorry about the delay...I was taking a few days off for Christmas. A Renter's policy is designed to cover your personal property (your stuff) as opposed to the place that you're renting (walls, carpet, etc.). So, I'd encourage you to give the folks in our policy service area a call and explain the details to them, but I'd be surprised if you'd be covered for loss of a deposit since that would be attirbutable to damage (real or imagined) to the house/apartment/condo itself, not your personal property.
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