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    Can you deposit checks through an atm?

    I thought i heard somewhere that you could, but idk.

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    You should check with your bank and see if that is a service they offer with your type of account. Some banks don't. Ours doesn't. If they do, then you should be able to go to any ATM and deposit it.
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    I think most of the ATMs that are actually attached to the bank allow for this. Call your bank and ask.
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    It depends on the bank. But yes, generally you can. I think both Chase and Bank of America you can.
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    With a USAA checking account, you have a number of options. First, my favorite, you can deposit checks using USAA Deposit@Mobile by taking a picture of the check with an iPhone or Android phone. USAA Deposit@Home allows you to scan the check on your home computer to make the deposit. USAA Easy Deposit is a program that we have that allows you to deposit your check at a participating UPS Store. Finally, you can deposit checks at a USAA ATM. Visit and type "USAA locator" in the search box at to find the nearest ATM or Easy Deposit location.
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    We have USAA, so no ATM's. But we LOVE being able to deposit at home.

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