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Thread: USAA Points

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    USAA Points

    First post, Yay!

    My husband is currently a reservist and going active if he gets in to the officer program. He is ex active duty.

    We have been saving the USAA points since he opened the account (5yrs ago), we now have just bought a house and are doing the veterans mortgage through USAA.

    My question is, will the money we pay to USAA on the mortgage be counted as any points? I am from the UK and we are desperately saving up to get money off airline tickets so he can meet my family for the first time.
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    IDK. We have loans and checking through USAA and the only thing that earns points is using the debit card
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    idk. I know dh has a crap ton of points though, and he is getting me a carseat/stroller
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    I don't ever get above 3,000 points because then I just get the 25.00 cash deposit. Haha.
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    No, paying the mortgage will not qualify you for additional points. However, I've worked with folks that have paid most of their living expenses with their credit card to qualify for points...if you use this strategy just make sure you don't spend what you don't have!
    J.J. Montanaro is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER practicioner with USAA Financial Planning Services one of the USAA family of companies.

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