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Thread: Allotment/Child support question

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    Allotment/Child support question

    I had court ordered Child support mandated on 23 June of last year - He began paying the court ordered amount on August 1 though the Court order stated it was to begin July 1 (we received BAH type 2 July 1, then Aug 1 the court ordered amt).

    My question is - Because Allotments are paid out of the EOM pay - the Payment that I receive on the 1st, is that considered the payment for the previous month, or is that the payment for the current Month?

    We are in the process of having child support go thru DFAS rather than via voluntary allotment due to a host of financial issues and I need to figure out the back support owed now and go thru civil court to try and recover what he still owes (among all the expenses not covered under child support that he is ordered to pay).

    Does this make sense? Was today's payment child support for February or Child support for March? Hopefully this is the right forum to ask but I haven't seen an LES since April of 2009.
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    The money you get is for the month you get it. How the allotment works is they take half out of the first pay and set it aside and take the other half the second pay and than give that amount to you on the first of the next month. And it is for the month you get it.

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