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Thread: Loan/Loan re-payment

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    Loan/Loan re-payment

    DF is looking at getting a small loan and could use some advice/insight from you ladies. Does anyone have any suggestions on who to go through in terms of best interest rates and pay back dates, etc. He's considering getting a student loan through his school but I figured USAA would be a better bet for him in terms of interest rates

    Any and all help would be really appreciated!


    ETA: Also if he got a student loan would that fall under the loan repayment plan with the army? We're pretty sure it won't since he's getting TA through his reserve unit and his monthly stipend through ROTC (he's contracted but didn't take the scholarship)but I figured I would also throw that question out there while I was typing.
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    Student loans? Best place to go is to get a Stafford loan through the government. His school will have approved lenders he can use but they have federal guidelines and rules as far as what his interest rate is and everything. They're a lot more flexible on the repayments than private loans as well.
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    for student loans- get STUDENt LOANS- the payment plans are set for students-
    for a signature or callaterol( sp) loan you will have higher interest and shorter pay back.

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