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Thread: Depositing checks while husband is at sea

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    Depositing checks while husband is at sea

    We got married very recently (beginning of September), and have a stack of wedding checks. He just went out to sea for a while and we didn't think to deal with them before he left. Some checks are written just to me, some are written just to him, and some are written to both of us. On top of that, some folks didn't realize that I'm keeping my name, so it's a random assortment of which last name they're written to!

    We have a joint USAA account that we want all of the checks to go into. Can I deposit everything without him here to endorse checks or no?
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    If you go to the bank and explain the situation they might allow you to deposit them. I've deposited checks that were written out to DH and not me. Most the time they will allow it as long as you aren't CASHING the checks and only depositing them.
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    dumb questions but do you have a power of attorney? If so then you can. Usually they will accept deposits anyway. Just tell them whats going on. Your name is on the account so they should argue.
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    Navy Federal requires POA for me to deposit any check with my husbands name on them. His siggy has to be on a check made to him and if I sign without poa it is considered forgery even if he is aware...Call your bank but they may tell you that you need to fax in a copy of POA before you can deposit checks with his name on it. Stupid I know cuz its a deposit and I dunno how strict your bank is but navy fed wouldnt even let me ask them about our car loan and if a payment was due unless I gave them poa
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    You should have your hubby's POA which would allow them to deposit checks written to him. You can obviously deposit ones made to you in your maiden name. I would think that your sig on a check made to you with your hubby's last name could also be deposited w/ POA's sig as well.

    But alas, I am not a lawyer or a banker... so this could all be bubkus.
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    I ran into the SAME thing. When you go to the branch as long as it's a joint acct you write for deposit only. Navy Fed let me do it that way!
    Hope it works out for you!
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    Just write "For Deposit Only" and goes in.
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    USAA Should have no problem with taking the checks. Can you use the scan at home feature they offer?

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