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Thread: How soon can we sign up?

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    Confused How soon can we sign up?

    Hi! So DH and I both have Bank of America but want to switch over to USAA..but I was wondering how soon we can? DH is still under the DEP program but will be leaving in two weeks for bootcamp. Can we still sign up even though he isn't active as of right now? I thought it would be easier since its military and its easier for direct deposit right?
    oh and also, does USAA have like their own branch of banks? Like a building I could deposit and withdraw money if I needed to? How does that work? Curious! thank you!
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    He has to be in the system as AD to sign up. and you have to be in DEERS before you can sign up.
    They have on actual branch in San antonio that is it. What I do is keep a local bank/credit union ( CU's are better because they share branch) to deposit or cash checks then just transfer the money over to USAA. If you qualify you can also do deposit at home with USAA or mail in checks for deposit.

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