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Thread: Taxes for two working spouses

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    Taxes for two working spouses

    I just started working and my annual salary is $21,840. My husband is a CPL and we live in North Carolina. I was just asked to fill out my tax forms yesterday and I have no idea (my employer didn't either) how to do the exemptions for both of us since we work. We also have 1 child and will be paying $4800/year for a babysitter for him.
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    There is an instruction sheet that goes along with the W-4. You can find it on This should help you determine your legitimate # of allowances. I usually lower my number by one just to be save. Rather get $ than owe.
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    I believe only one spouse can have exemptions and it's usually the higher income earner. So if you are making a lot less than your spouse then put 0 down in the exemptions. I just had to go through this last week but for CA. I put 0 on both the Federal and CA w-4's since dh has the higher income and claims me and the kids as dependents.
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    you can put whatever you want on your w-4 you can put married with 10 exemptions. the issue will be if you don't pay enough in taxes through out the year then you will have to pay when tax time comes.
    So it doesn't matter. You can put married with one and he can have married with one.

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    We both claim no exemptions. With bonuses and whatnot, it makes it tough from year to year to project. I'd rather get back than owe.
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    We always claim 0 and let them take out the most $$ and just get it back in taxes that way we never risk owing.
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    My husband claims 2 and I claim 0. We have 2 children

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