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Thread: Money Taken Out of Account--Then Put Back In?

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    Money Taken Out of Account--Then Put Back In?

    I am freaking out because I've purchased plane tickets a few days ago and at the time checked that the money for the tickets was taken out of my checking account, which it was. Now last night I was checking the same account and noticed that the money has been put back in!

    I have confirmed that my plane tickets have not been cancelled. Why would the money have been put back into my account? Has something similar to this ever happened to anyone else?
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    WF does this to us before stuff has cleared. it will be taken out at the time of purchase, and then put back until it clears. Few days later the money will be gone again and I'll see the purchase in our history.
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    yea airline companies do this. When I came over to Korea, Korean Air did this and then when I paid for Oti's ticket (puppy) it took them 12 days! It overdrafted my account like crazy... ugh
    Trying to figure it all out...
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    Navy Fed does this on my credit card, not on my checking because I really don't use it. I have seen it taken out then the transaction would be gone for a day or two but then when it finally goes through it shows back up and the money taken out.
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    most banks will "hold" the money for 24-48 hours and then it will revert back into your account.

    There is the general expectation that the company will pull the money in that time frame, if they don't than it reverts but they have the right to still pull the money when they choose.

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