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Thread: Mortgage Insurance?

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    Mortgage Insurance?

    Not sure if this should go here or not but have any of you gotten mortgage insurance? Is it worth it? We've been getting offers for it just about every other day now and I don't know what to do.
  2. Banned
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    no we did not get it nor will we-
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    I don't like it...I used to get offers all the time, but I owned my house myself and lived alone and I'd keep having to explain to the salesperson that I could care less what happened to my house when I died because I'll be dead and nobody else lives with me. My parents could throw it on the market for all I'd care.

    But even if I did have a family, I do not believe in mortgage insurance. Just get a good life insurance policy. You shouldn't need mortgage insurance. Its kind of a rip off in my opinion.

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