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Has he already looked in to the age limits for the job he wants? Even with a waiver for his prior time, he may be too old for some jobs, so I'd start with that, although the recruiter he is meeting with can probably tell him all that. I do know a few people who served and then came back as officers, so it definitely isn't super uncommon, although none did as long as your dh before g ttti g out. Best of luck to him. Oh, and if his career field is another thing like dh's, he'd probably do more than one sea tour in Ten years. Just FYI! DH has did sea 3 years, shore 2, sea 2.5, sea 2.5 for his first ten years after training, so three sea tours. Career progression varies by community though.
Not sure if he looked into age limits...good thought...but the recruiter didn't say anything about it that I'm aware of so maybe he meets them? He'll be 33 July 9th. He's looking into Cyber Warfare and the recruiter is actually submitting his stuff for ODS instead of OCS.

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can you email me and I can send you this file of requirements? if you want it that is

my email is fycdoula@gmail.com
(I don't think this is violating persec as it is my business email and on cards and public and such)

I don't know if your husband is involved in the reserves or if this would be an option without being reserves, but my dh was advised to do as much volunteer stuff as his could for the navy, he does a lot of funeral honors.

GPA is more important for some jobs than others.
Nope...never done anything with reserves but I'd still love to look at it. I'll send you and email once I get home.