Like many others said I think it would be important for your SO to be knowledgeable about the resources available to him when transitioning into civilian life. While I do not know personally, I have found that it is not always an easy transition for people to go through and many people find themselves missing aspects of the military culture in daily life. Possibly staying integrated in a military support network of some type may be helpful for him to adjust to civilian life without having to let go of a culture that he respected and that connected him to people he truly respected. It would also help him connect with people who know what he is going through as he processes this transition.

As for your relationship, I think it is really important for you to be open with him about your expectations of your future relationship. Tell him what kinds of things you worry about not being able to plan for and ask him what he thinks will be difficult as you two begin a life together. I think all couples (military or not) should have this type of open communication because many expectations can get lost in translation. It sounds like you are fairly confident in the level of open communication you share with your partner so this should only enhance the work you have already done to connect with him throughout your long distance relationship. I wish you guys the best as you take this next step!