Hey! I'm new to the forum - sorta. I was a member almost 10 years ago and am back for some advice, now!
My DH was an FMF corpsman with the Marines for 14 years and was forced out this past winter. He didn't pick up HM1 and had reached his limits as HM2, and he took a severance and we split. We're back home where he was born and raised in Colorado. He missed it here and his oldest daughter lives here, so I came along for the ride. He took terminal in January and officially EASd in February. He's changed so much! It's such a different life, now. He went to HVAC school and is finally working (I was supporting us up until last month, but now he's making good money!) and he seems to be happier now that he has something to distract him. But, his TBI and PTSD have seemingly gotten worse since he got out, and the VA is taking its sweet time getting him his disability. He got an 80% rating and has been seeing a counselor, and his new MRI showed more damage than we knew of before. They are making him pay back his severance before he starts getting his disability - but a DAV rep helped us put together a package to appeal that, because there is more than one clause that states if an injury or disability is combat related then the service member cannot have their disability withheld and the severance is waived. So we're waiting on word for that.
I guess I'm just looking for advice and helping words on how the transition went for some of you and yours? He's not unhappy, exactly, he's just different. He is jumpy, and his nightmares have gotten much worse - he wakes up and grabs his gun and clears our entire apartment before I'm able to help him realize it's a dream - and sometimes he doesn't sleep at all. He's a great, hard working, loving man and I'm blessed to have him. We met working EMS together and were ambulance partners for almost 2 years before we started dating officially. He's my best friend. I'm totally out of my element having lived most of my life in the south on the east coast, and now I'm in the Colorado mountains - no friends, family - no real support!
Thanks for reading and I hope you're all well! I also hope I came to the right place!