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Thread: What to do with old uniforms?

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    What to do with old uniforms?

    DH is retired now and has ALOT of uniforms....the dress blues, the old green & brown BDU's and the grey green newer ones. What to do with them all?
    Guessing if we toss them out, the name tapes and rank should be taken off.
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    We tried to throw them all away but MIL found out and cried so DH gave her like 40 lbs of old uniform shit.

    But yes, take off the name tags
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    Could they be donated anywhere? That would be my first instinct but idk if there are rules against that.
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    DH kept a few and we donated the rest. We kept name tapes but not rank badges ... I don't think there's a rule against it, I mean you can buy them at any milsurp place.
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    Df brought a bunch of his to Goodwill
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    What about donating them to a thrift shop with a relief society. I know the Navy has them not sure if you are close enough to a base/post to be able to do that.
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    Check and see if there is a local school that has a JROTC program. I'm betting they would welcome the donation.
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    If you are near a base, they likely have a thrift store that would love to have them.
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    I've seen plenty of outdated military wear at various thrift stores/goodwill(s)/costume stores/ect. so you could dump them there if you'd like. (My mom works as a paramedic and apparently uniforms are pretty popular in the Halloween department. She gives away her old uniforms to some Halloween places.) If it's up to the current standard then you could try giving them to a buddy of the same size who's still in. If his military experience is important to him on a personal level then you guys could do something decorative with at least one of the uniforms.

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