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Thread: Posiive stories after leaving military

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    Posiive stories after leaving military

    I am quietly freaking out about what life will be life after DH leaves the military this fall. We are both ready for him to be done, but giving up a steady paycheck is super stressful especially when everything we planned a year ago isn't on the table anymore.

    I could use some good next chapter stories. What do you like? What was different to adjust to? Was finding a job really tough or did thing fall into place?
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    Abbynormal has some great ones I feel you about stressIng. We still have a year but we'll also have a six month old! So I'm also freaking out!
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    I think we talked about that when we were at Tijuana Flats last month. It just happened to work out for us; we left Fort Wainwright with DH on terminal leave and nooooooooo plan other than we were headed back to Northwest Florida to visit our families. His sister goes to church with the company owner that DH now works for; he made a phone call somewhere in Oklahoma and had an interview a few days later in Orlando...and was hired 2 days later.

    PM/call/text me if you want! I thiiiiiiink your DH said IT stuff? We have a buddy in Orlando who might have some info for you!
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    DH knew he wanted to go to school and was accepted to start the first of August. He started terminal leave in April and had a job before he even started terminal leave. I was already home, I came back 6 months early to start working and get prepared, and we have had no issues. We really had a very smooth transition and are so much happier out. I know DH misses some things, but his attitude, our quality of life, everything has been so much better out than in. About 6 months after he got out we found out they got rid of his MOS and anyone above a certain rank was pretty much put out unless they were close to retirement. So he would have been forced out of he hadn't gotten out. For us, it was a blessing and the best thing we could have done for ourselves and our family.
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    We were silently freaking out when DH got medically discharged last May. It was actually exactly a year ago yesterday!

    DH didn't know what he wanted to do, he wasn't sure about being a police officer anymore because of his back issue and he wasn't sure what else he could do because being a cop was all he had done for the last 6 years. He found a really great job at a Juvenile Detention Center as a drill instructor so ironically it was like we went from the Army to the Army just one wasn't government regulated and this one paid better. He was out in May and found this job by August. Initially, the job search was hard, these "classes" provided by the Army to help with resume making and job hunting skills weren't all that great so he was relying a lot on my mom and I to help in those categories. But things got better, once he found this job and was steady after a few months, we were able to apply for a mortgage, we got a house closer to both our works and home, we have a solid plan for the next year or two AND our favorite part is that his mom is finally going to move down here because she knows we aren't going anywhere. And now, DH is potentially pursuing a new career opportunity that if he gets this, it will be a solid career setup for him for the rest of his life that allows me to also pursue other opportunities if I wanted to!

    It will be okay! It's a weird adjustment at first but then eventually it just becomes normal life again. My PM box is always open if you want to talk about anything

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    My Father went to work for a construction firm after getting out of the navy, then eventually started his own business. Db's father went to work as a civilian AF employee after retirement. DB's brother and nephew got good jobs after getting out. DB struggled with part time jobs after leaving AD, but now has one good full time job in his chosen field. In addition, on his off days he's working for my brother part time training to be an electrician. If for some reason he can no longer work as a pilot, he has something else to fall back on. He can also say he helped in the construction of our own house
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    It was definitely an adjustment, but we're so much happier now than when he was enlisted.

    We actually lived with my parents for about 6 months while DH job searched and we tried to get or lives back in order. I went back to waitressing and DH worked in a deli while he continued looking for a job. It was about 6 months after he got out that he finally got an interview, and a few days later, a job doing basically what he did in the military (IT stuff). Once that happened, everything just sort of fell into place. We make a decent living, definitely nothing extravagant, but not worse than the military either. Never thought I'd say this, but the only thing we miss about the military is the health benefits. We didn't realize how much having a baby costs with civilian insurance vs. the nothing we paid when we had tricare.

    Only thing I would say to not dilly dally on (don't know if this your situation or not), but if he plans on applying for disability benefits through the VA, to get on that right away when he's out. It takes what feels like forever to go through that process. DH didn't start receiving his disability until over a year and half after he was left the army.

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    Its THE BEST. My H easily got a job, months before actually getting out that paid way better than his job as an O2 and better benefits. No more dealing with tricare and all its bullshit and shitty doctors. We actually got to spend time together and be on a schedule that was ours. We are able to travel and have a home how we want it and live in a nice area.

    I am so so so happy he is no longer AD.
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    I feel you! I am getting out in about a year and I am so freaking overwhelmed and nervous.
    Deployment #1: Over!

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    Extended separation #2: Over!
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    Getting a government job is easier! Make sure to use all your benefits. Believe it or not, some people don't.

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