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Thread: Medical Discharge Move Questions!

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    Confused Medical Discharge Move Questions!

    My husband is being medically discharged. He was reading over his orders and he said nothings checked on it. It says its a medical/honorable discharge and where his HOR is but thats it. From how it seems is that he gets no reimbursement for travel home or any of that. His rep told him it would be the same as a pcs but you do not get the DLA. You still get per diem and milage and that. Has anyone dealt with this or know? Hes going to go in and talk to someone tuesday after the holiday weekend but I'm just nervous now. Also has anyone taken their Terminal leave and PTDY day together and got out sooner than your leave by date? Any info esp pay wise would be awesome! (He's air Force if that matters and its a medical separation NOT retirement and we are stationed in Alaska) Thank you!
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    Yes, he should get a pcs move to his HOR.

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