Hi, all! I know I haven't been active, but I've been lurking. Still just trying to tread water and keep from drowning right now...

DH will EAS in September of next year (2015). We've been talking a lot about our plans for after he gets out and he has brought up joining the National Guard. After all the complete BS that the Corps has put us through this last contract, I am so absolutely and completely OVER *anything* military and have been pushing hard against him even considering the National Guard.

Has anyone else had this type of experience (Marine Corps to National Guard)? How was it? Did it *feel* like your spouse just went from one military job to another similar military job? Please tell me how your experience went!

Really, I'm done with the military and I'm done with having the military have any control in my life. I keep pushing back on the National Guard because I feel like all the things that I hate about the Corps is still going to be in my life with the Guard. But, I don't know if I'm just fear-mongering right now and if my fears are even valid.