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Thread: Med Board Question

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    Med Board Question

    DH has been med boarded and our orders read that we have 2 years PX and Commissary privileges but we have to go turn in our IDs at the recruitment station. Can anyone explain how this works?

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    I would guess you are going to get a new ID. One that doesn't say Active Duty on it, but something else (maybe Retired)... to allow you to access the privileges.

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    I think he's suppose to use a copy of his DD214 to get on base. When DH was separated they told us we could do that at TAPS class. I think we got like 1 year?
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    You will get a new ID. We had the same thing. You turn your old one in and get a new one that expires in 2 years
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    It would be new id I would think.
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