My boyfriend was in the army as a blackhawk mechanic, but recently got out on honourable discharge.

He is feeling really lost as to what he wants to do, and is not sure how to even go about finding his way. I really feel for him. I am trying to help him by motivating him and pointing him in some direction, but it is hard for me to help him with practical career things because I am not familiar with those industries and what type of schooling you need. He has worked on blackhawks as a mechanic for 6/7 years and liked working on them.

He took a 10-day Aircraft&Powerplant mechanic course, passed, and then took the official A&P certification test a month later and failed so bad that they gave him his money back.... the course really did not prepare him. He has no idea what to do, or how to find school programs. Currently he is working as a simple automotive mechanic.

Does anyone have advice about this? DHs/SOs get into being an electrician/welder, or did any get their A&P certification? Are there programs for A&P certification? How long do they take? He is also thinking of being an electrician or a welder, so that later he can use that to get his A&p as well becuase he likes working on airplanes. I'm not sure if that is a good idea. But I would prefer he do something broad so his options are open, and that he chooses a field that will pay well, especially if he's going to be investing time and money to get schooled on it.

Sorry if this question / post is totally overwhelming and broad!