Hey ladies and gents, I am doing some research for a presentation on transitioning from military to civilian life. I want to get some answers from people who have been through this, or are about to go through this, or have been affected by it in some way. I would really appreciate any and all answers I can get to my questions! If you aren't comfortable answering them here, feel free to PM me.

How do you feel people can successfully acclimate from military to civilian life?

How would you define "success" for military to civilian transition? How is "failure" defined?

What do you feel are the most frequently asked questions by military personnel when transitioning to civilian life?

What surprised you and your family (specifically the service member) about civilian life?

How has separating from the military affected your marriage, social lives, etc? (if you don't want to be specific here, you can PM. I won't reveal any information)