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Thread: Active Duty Army to Reserves

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    Active Duty Army to Reserves

    After 4 years active duty (ETS in a couple months), DH signed a contract with the reserves today for 6 years. He was in the reserves for a year before switching active but I didn't know much about it at that point because we were only dating then...I have learned a lot being an active duty wife and I am sure things will change a lot now. Just wondering if anyone has a little piece of advice for this upcoming change in our lives? Anything you wish you would have known prior to your soldier going active to reserves? We were told about the benefits as far as medical and dental are concerned...of course you always think about the questions you have AFTER you leave the recruiter's office - If we get on the medical plan (I think it's around $197 or so a month for a family, right?), are we still able to get our prescriptions from a pharmacy at a military installation or can we only strictly go to civilian pharmacies? What's the coverage like when you get pregnant and deliver? We currently have Tricare Prime and didn't pay anything when I was pregnant and in the hospital when DS was born. Would you compare the Reserve medical coverage to Tricare Prime? Or more like Tricare Standard (with the co-pays, etc)? I am going to go research these things online now but it's always nice to hear from people who have experienced similar things already. Thanks in advance
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    as far as Rx's this will depend on the base you live near.
    as far as other medical it is very similar to tricare prime, the only difference is you cannot use on base clinics and you have to pay your monthly premium. ( remembers that dental is still seperate)

    you best bet is to go to the tricare website or go to your tricare office for the most current information.

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