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Thread: Help? DH getting out..

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    Help? DH getting out..

    So, my DH is getting out and is taking terminal leave so he'll be home sooner. But I have no idea of what to really expect and what to do. I've got so many questions and my head is full. Not knowing anything is making my anxiety start kicking in. Plus, he's in Germany and I'm still here in the states, so I think it makes things a little harder.

    Can you guys suggest or tell me anything, please? TIA!!
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    what specifically do you want to know? moving, benefits, ect.

    you need to be more specific.
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    When does he get out? Does he have a job lined up? Will you have medical insurance?

    If he hasn't already done so, have him sign up for the TAPS class (or whatever your branch calls it). That lets him know what resources are available and I believe they also help with resumes and job searching tips.
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    with both the above. The transition can come with questions and stress from so many different angles that knowing what your biggest concerns are would be helpful in addressing them.
    Is he retiring (completed 20+ years) or just getting out?
    Has he completed TAPS?
    What is the plan moving forward - work, school, etc - and has he taken steps to move that plan forward?
    We went through this just a couple of years ago (really doesn't seem like it's been that long already, wow), so I know what it is like to have a million thoughts and questions swirling around in your head, but it would be a lot easier to answer your's if we knew what they were.....

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