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Thread: Health Insurance once they are out.

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    Health Insurance once they are out.

    I was researching different health insurance plans. Im looking for a PPO plan due to all the crap right now I am dealing with tricare. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Where do you live? Try looking at: Health Insurance - Find Affordable Health Care Coverage and Buy Medical Insurance Plans Online

    Remember that health insurance is NOT currently guaranteed-issue.... so if you or your DH (or kids if you have any) have any serious health issues.... make sure that you fully understand your options. A lot of companies will deny you for things like high blood pressure, being overweight, etc.

    I'm not sure how the transition from Tricare works... but often times when you get dropped from a plan, you become eligible for COBRA (basically, you keep your current coverage and pay for it out of pocket instead of the employer picking up the tab). Once you've exhausted COBRA (I believe it's 18 months if I remember correctly)... you are eligible for portability... which means that insurance companies HAVE to take you, REGARDLESS of pre-existing conditions.

    Again, this is how it works in the civilian world... I'd definitely seek out someone who understands the military-to-civilian insurance transition.

    Good luck!!!
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    I'm currently in the same situation... please let me know if you find any good information!

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