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Thread: How to find a job?

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    Question How to find a job?

    How/where did your so find a job after leaving their branch? Some of dh's friends said they were recruited by companies but how does that work? Does the career counselor have listings of some job openings?
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    What does he want to do when he is done? Maybe he can gravatate towards that area? My DH started at the ship yard but truly wasnt happy there so he now works with troubled youth through the national guard.
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    In a good economy they'd come looking for him, but in tis economy, he really needs to be ahead of the curve and start working with companies, sendign out resumes, getting his name on the street. A few good places to get started:
    the Northrup-Grumman site
    the SAIC site
    the Siemens site
    the Lockheed site
    the AMSEC site
    any other military contractor site
    local government sites in your area
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    I know this is a couple weeks later but he could also find out through any civilian contractors that may work on the base, his command, etc. Dh has a few years till retirement but he already has a few companies after him. MITRE, Ratheon, Spawar have all wooed my husband because he has worked with the contractors with these companies on base. He is not interested in any of them. I told him he should give MITRE some consideration if they still are interested in him later.
    There are also General Dynamics, Booz Allen Hamilton, Perot Systems. Some, if not all, give some preference for veterans, especially retirees and certainly prefer possession of a top secret security clearance depending on the jobs.
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    My DH contacted companies who find jobs for you. They work only with those coming right out of the military.

    I can ask him later what companies he suggests, if you want. Your husband doesn't pay, it's the company who pays for him.

    After meeting w/ the recruiters, he went on several job conferences where there were tons of companies there for each part of the US (west, mid, north, south, etc) and they did interviews there.

    I would just have him do a search for agencies who find jobs for veterans or something along those lines.

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