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Thread: Active duty to Reserves...

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    Active duty to Reserves...

    Ryan's TAP teacher told him that by going from AD to the Reserves, they can defer deployments for 2 years? Sounds like a load of shit to me, considering my experience as a military wife, but figured I would ask what this is about anyways... his teacher said it's so that they can get a civilian job and get adjusted, but I don't know, just sounds like a bad recruiter line! (No offense recruiters... )
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    I've heard about this possibility for a two year stabilization. DB is looking into it
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    My husband was reserve and they activated him for deployment right after two years.
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    theres a couple guys in DH's unit that were activated within 6 months of switching to reserves.... so I dunno!!

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    I doubt thats true. John was on alert I guess it could be called. He is attached to a unit that was possibly going to deploy last November. Had they gone he would have had to go. At that time he would have only been 11 months into the reserves.
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    I would never believe anything you are told!!
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    DF's in Reserves... He just came back in Sep 08, and now his unit's talking about deploying at the end of 2010, if they DO go.... So yeah, it's about 2 years... But who really knows!
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    DH literally just did this. He had 3 years IRR time, and instead of sweating it out the whole 3 years, he joined the reserves. They guaranteed him 2 years of stabilization time, so there is only the last year to worry about. It's in his contract, so there's no way they can deploy him for those 2 years unless he signs a waiver.
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    hubby just signed with the reserves (to become final the day after separation) and will be leaving AD at the end of this month. he's taking a full-time position with them as a Fed employee. it's a pretty good deal. i don't know about defer deployments but i do know that he won't for like 2 years atleast because the unit he's working with just maybe that's the case??
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    Its actually true. when DH went from AD to NG he had stabilization orders for 2 years. He actually was suppose to deploy to iraq in June of 07, but once he handed them the papers at SRP, they put a big declined notice on his paperwork
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